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I have been creating websites and marketing materials for close to 20 years. Always providing fast turn around and customer satisfaction with our versatile, intuitive design work.

Pro-Design Services focuses on web design and animation and our portfolio of services also includes:

- Dynamic Logo Design
- HTML newsletters and emails
- Poster Design
- Website Updates and Rebuilds
- Social Media Creatives

I also work for graphic designers who need their design turned into highly functional websites. I will code a site paying attention to every design detail for superior presentation and quick loading...

Why ME?

Because I can give you RESULTS. I have close to 20 years of experience in designing, creating and maintaining websites.

I recognize the fact that clients want to be part of the design process...

My designs can incorporate clients' logos, on-site photography, stock images, geographic landmarks, and regional character. We use a proposal, demo and feedback method that keeps the process moving efficiently. During each step of the process You, the client, can participate as much or as little as desired.

My production process is responsive and enjoyable! It is feedback driven.

Pro-Design Services offers these design solutions for your marketing objectives.

I can code a website from your own Photoshop files or a print design. We can also convert an existing print logo into a dynamic element for the web.

I can coordinate your website projects and launch.

So you want to know about ME?

Artist | Poet | Writer | Traveller | Reader

You are obviously here because you are also interested in knowing who I am and what I have done and what I do in my free time apart from my profession.

I graduated from SGU with a Chemistry degree but it was computer design and art that fascinated me. I completed studies in programming and database management and then took diploma in animation and compositing. I feel lucky because I have been able to make my hobby into my profession.

Apart from computer design, music and literature keep me going. I love my music and my books and they are always with me. I also like poetry and write poetry in hindi. If you know the language, you are most welcome to visit my blog and comment on it.

In my free time, I like to watch movies and love to travel.

I hope that tells a lot of things about me.

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Live in Mumbai, Work in Cyber Space


India : 98192-66109 
USA : 919-632-0008

Pro-Design Services
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